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Will Dispute Settlement of $50,0000 for son who cared for mother & was left out of will

Our client’s mother passed away and left him nothing in her will. Our client’s mother’s estate was tiny and from that she left her entire estate to our client’s sister, her husband and their children.

Our client had relied on his mother and father heavily during his youth. They had supported him through times of financial difficulty, and allowed him to live in their house in between other places of residence.

It was our client’s evidence that he cared for his parents in their old age. Our client looked after his father, who suffered from a severe illness before his death. A few years before she died, our client’s mother suffered numerous strokes which rendered her incapable of looking after herself. Our client then became his mother’s fulltime carer and looked after her every need. He also assisted her in carrying out exercises that would help her to recover her own abilities. However our client’s sister was their mother’s Power of Attorney and moved their mother to live with her. After this time it became increasingly difficult for our client to see his mother. This was due to the fact that his sister lived some distance from him and phone calls were near useless as his mother had trouble speaking.

The problem in this will dispute case was that the executor of the estate alleged that our client was fraudulent at given times during his parent’s life and did not provide any care as described by our client. During the course of taking instructions our client made it clear that his primary goal was to resolve the matter amicably between the parties, to avoid straining his relationship with his sister and to avoid going to Court.

Will Dispute Lawyer Garbis Kolokossian acted quickly to put the executors on notice that our client intended to make a claim against his mother’s estate. In accordance with our client’s strict instructions, Garbis Kolokossian worked to settle the matter with the executors of the estate. After a short course of negotiation Garbis was able to obtain an offer for $50,000.

The client was thrilled about the result even though it was his lawyers advice to proceed to Court.

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