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Client Settles for $200,000 on Mother’s Bega Estate

A client contests his deceased mother’s Bega estate, settling a claim for $220,000.00 in just 9 short months after being unfairly treated in his mother’s will.

Contesting a will is often daunting but with the right assistance positive resolutions can be achieved.

After the death of his mother our client was left without a copy of the will or knowing the contents of his deceased mother’s estate.

Stonedwalled by family members, our client called GMP in order to find out his rights and contest his mother’s estate of possible.

Experienced wills and estates Solicitor, David Cossalter, wasted no time in acting on the matter, contacting the estate solicitors and threatening imminent Supreme Court action if the executors remained hostile towards our client.  This prevented the Executor from administering the estate without the approval of our client.  Our client was then able to get a copy of his mother’s will and the siblings were forced to come to the table and negotiate.

Mr Cossalter wished to save the client money and avoid the stress and hassle of litigation.  He sent an offer to settle to the Executor and with some bargaining this offer was accepted by the parties.  The parties agreed to sign a Deed, which confirmed the new arrangement made by the client and protected him against any further claim made on the estate.  David carefully arranged the Deed so that if the money was not paid our client would again be able to assert his rights in Court and protect his claim.

In just 9 short months, our client’s entitlements under the will tripled from $70,000 to $220,000, avoiding the cost of litigation.

Have you been unfairly treated under a will?  Whether your case is simple or complex our Solicitors at GMP will endeavour to contest your will quickly and at minimal cost.  Time limits apply when contesting a will, so call GMP Contesting a Will Lawyers today on 1800 004 878.

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