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Two Sons Double Their Entitlement From Their Mothers Inner West Estate

An Inner West mother of three died leaving an estate worth $1.2 million dollars. In her last Will and testament the deceased gave $100,000 each to her two eldest sons and gave the remaining portion of her estate ($1 million dollars) to her youngest son and his wife. The two oldest sons contacted our specialist Will dispute lawyers to see if they would be successful in challenging a Will.

One of our client’s lived alone in his home in Penrith which was unencumbered. He was not working although he had approximately $600,000 in the bank following lottery success. His brother, whom we also acted for, had a young family of four living in the inner west with an unencumbered home. He only had modest savings and was working full time to support his family.

The youngest son and his wife who had been left the bulk of the estate had a young child, a substantial mortgage over their property and modest savings. Based on this they believed they would win their case in defending the claim brought by our clients.

Our experienced Will dispute lawyers prepared a convincing claim for family provision on behalf of each of our clients. The matter was referred for Mediation where we were able to successfully negotiate a resolution. Our clients walked away with almost $500,000 between them, more than doubling the initial provision they had been left by their mother.

Our clients were able to achieve a great result without going through lengthy and costly legal proceedings to a Court Hearing.

Have you been left out of a Will? Are you thinking about challenging a Will or making a family provision claim? Contact our experienced Will dispute lawyers today.

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