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Two Children Left Out Of Their Father’s Will for his Defacto Partner Claim $100,000 each

A man dies leaving the entirety of his $1.1 million estate to his long time de-facto partner. The deceased had three adult children whom were all excluded from his will. GMP Contesting a Will Lawyers assisted two of the children left out of their father’s will claim $100,000 each.

Each of the deceased’s children were relatively wealthy in their own right. Each owned their own home worth approximately $2 million as well as other assets. However, they also had some debts in the form of lines of credit and personal loans.

Our client’s had not spoken to their father for in excess of 20 years following an abusive upbringing. The estate solicitors argued that our clients’ asset positions and lack of contact with the deceased over the years precluded them from making a claim from his estate.

The estate property was sold and the deceased’s de-facto partner required half of the funds to purchase a home within a retirement village. She required further funds to meet with her ongoing living expenses.

GMP Contesting a Will Lawyers commenced Court proceedings on behalf of our client’s. Within a few quick months the estate claim was set down for a mediation between the parties. At the Mediation we were able to come to an agreement whereby each of our clients were to receive $100,000 from their late father’s estate.

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