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Son Receives 50% of Abusive Mother’s Estate in Contesting a Will Settlement

Our client’s mother passed away and left all of her assets to her neighbour. Our client was very saddened by his mother’s decision and called GMP Contesting Wills Lawyers to enquire about contesting a will NSW.

Our client always had a poor relationship with his mother due to her abusive tendencies. Our client’s mother had always belittled him throughout his childhood, and this led to our client leaving home at a young age. After our client left home he felt it was important to maintain a relationship with his mother despite all the abuse. Our client would visit his mother at least once a month but his mother continued to pick on him about his career and lifestyle choices. Our client’s mother continued to yell at him and was derisive towards him. This affected our client’s confidence even after his mother passed away.

Our client was a young man who suffered from anxiety, but was in otherwise good health. Our client lived on his own and he was in poor financial circumstances. Our client‘s only assets were nominal in nature and he was a low income earner.

Our client instructed lawyer Garbis Kolokossian of our contesting a wil team to go ahead with contesting a will. Garbis arranged an immediate conference with the client during which he took the time necessary to ask our client all the necessary questions. Garbis filed proceedings in this matter to show the executors that we took our client’s claim seriously. However, our client was under significant emotional stress following his mother’s passing and was made anxious by recollections of their relationship. Due to these factors our client was motivated to settle his claim out of court. Garbis continued to work hard on this matter and he made regular contact with the executors in order to press our client’s claim and avoid court. A settlement conference was arranged and the executors made our client an offer of contesting will settlement in the amount of $220,000.00. This amount represented 50% of the net value of the estate and our client was happy to accept this offer.

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