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Separated husband significantly increases his entitlement under his late wife’s will

We represented a Husband who approached our firm to assist him in a case where he had only been left a very small legacy following his wife’s death.

In the months leading to the Deceased’s death there was a break down in the relationship and our client and his Wife ceased living together. Prior to the breakdown in the relationship our client was residing with the deceased in her home in Sydney. Following the separation he moved in with his mother, although kept in communication with the deceased up until her death.

Approximately one month prior to her death the Deceased altered her Will leaving her separated Husband only a small legacy and the remainder of her estate to her two children.

Through gathering evidence and building a strong case for our client we were able to negotiate a settlement whereby our client doubled his entitlement from the Estate and had his legal costs paid on top of this.

This was a great result for all parties involved as our client was able to substantially increase his interest in the Estate without the need of lengthy and costly legal proceedings.

If you believe you have been left less than your “fair share” in an estate please contact our office for a FREE initial consultation.

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