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Quick and just will dispute result for 3 adult children left out of their father’s will

GMP Contesting a will lawyers were approached by 3 siblings who had been left out of their father’s will. Their father lived in a property he owned on the NSW South Coast. At the time he died he left his house and all other assets and personal items to one daughter, leaving his other 3 children no benefit from this estate. It was immediately clear to our will dispute lawyers that the will was not fair and a claim for family provision should be made. We were able to achieve a quick and just result claiming family provision for all 3 of our clients.

The estate was one of a very modest size, being about $300,000. Each of the deceased children were in similar financial positions either renting or paying off a substantial mortgage and with limited assets. As experienced will dispute lawyers we put together the case outlining each of our client’s respective claim and setting out the reasons as to why they would succeed in their claim and why the deceased should have provided for them in his will.

Within a matter of just a few months we were able to convince the executor and estate solicitors to participate in a settlement conference to negotiate the possible resolution of our clients’ respective claims

At the settlement conference a number of offers were exchanged between the parties until an agreement was reached whereby each of the 4 children were to receive a 1/4 share of the deceased’s property. This result was able to be achieved without the need of lengthy and costly court proceedings and we were able to achieve a quick and just result for our clients.

Each of our clients were able to utilise the funds to pay off their debts and plan for their futures. They were happy with the result and how it was achieved in such a short time frame.

Have you been left out of a will? Are you looking at challenging a will?  Call our experienced will dispute lawyers today for an obligation free consultation.

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