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Grandson Received $75,000 After Family Provision Claim

A grandmother of 6 dies, leaving a property on the Central Coast in NSW. In her last Will and testament, the grandmother left her property to two of her grandchildren who had been living with her on the Central Coast. Our client was not left any benefit from his late grandmother’s estate, so he contacted our expert will dispute lawyers to discuss the possibility of challenging a will or making a claim on an estate.

Our client’s mother had died many years before and he had spent some time living with his grandmother who provided him with financial and emotional support. Our client was now living in Government Housing and receiving a Centrelink disability support pension. He had no savings, no superannuation and lived week to week, struggling to make ends meet.

Our experienced will dispute lawyers lodged a family provision claim on behalf of our client. There was also a claim made on the estate by another grandchild of the deceased who had been left out of the will.

We were able to establish our client’s eligibility to claim and his need for provision from the estate. The court ordered that the parties of the will dispute participate in a settlement conference to canvas possible settlement of the claim.

At the settlement conference, we were able to successfully negotiate a settlement of our client’s claim on the basis that he was to receive $75,000.00 from his late grandmother’s estate. This result was achieved quickly and cost effectively, without the need of going to a court hearing. Our client was happy with the result and has now been able to utilise the funds to plan for his future.

Have you been left out of a Will? Are you thinking of making a claim on an estate? If so, call our office today and discuss your matter with our experienced will dispute team.

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