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Estranged daughter increases provision from her late mother’s will

We represented a woman who was left a $10,000.00 legacy in her mother’s will following a breakdown in their relationship.

Our client had a falling out with her mother in about 1985 and they reconciled some 3 to 4 years later. The relationship continued although somewhat strained over the next 15 years.

When our client remarried in about 2005 further strain was placed on the relationship as her mother did not approve of her husband. Contact between the two slowly dwindled.

Our client’s mother passed away in 2011 leaving behind an estate of approximately $300,000.00. Our client was left a $10,000.00 legacy and her sister was left the remainder of the estate. Through informal settlement negotiations the parties were able to come to an agreement whereby our client increased her provision from the estate to $60,000.00. This allowed her to repay all her debts and set aside some funds for the future.

If you believe that you have not been properly provided for from a loved one’s estate please do not hesitate to contact our office to have a free consultation with one of our experienced contesting a will lawyers.

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