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Estranged Biological Son Contests Fathers Will

GMP was approached by our client whom provided Mr Garbis Kolokossian with instructions that he was an estranged son. His father had recently passed away leaving the entire estate to his two biological sisters. After careful consideration of the facts, our client was advised of the potential risks in cases of this nature, in particular, the issues of estrangement that will inevitably arise.

The estate was put on notice of our client’s intention to make a claim and various demands were made with respect to the information that ought to be made available to our client for the purposes of taking into account the strength of his case.

GMP provided our client with advice with respect to contesting a Will and the strengths and weaknesses of his family provision claim. After our client was briefed on how to contest a Will and what information a Court would likely consider when making orders at the end of a family provision claim, our client provided Gerard Malouf and Partners with instructions to vigorously prosecute the claim with a view of attempting to bring about a resolution.

GMP Contesting a Will Lawyers takes the view that each and every matter ought to be settled as early as possible with a view of attempting to minimise the cost to both our client and to the estate. This was no exception and we confirm that with our client’s instructions, an offer of settlement was conveyed with a view of attempting to bring about a resolution of the matter.

After negotiating in detail, the parties were unable to bring about a resolution at an early stage and as such GMP finalised the preparation of the Affidavit evidence that would be necessary when contesting a Will. After commencing formal proceedings in the Supreme Court of New South Wales, our office again approached the Defendant’s Solicitors with a view of attempting to bring about an early resolution.

After detailed negotiations proceeding between the parties, the lawyers at GMP were able to successfully contest the Will of the Deceased and achieve a result of such under one third of the estate to our deserving client.

If you are a victim of an estranged relationship, you do have rights and you can make a claim. Contact GMP Contesting a Will Lawyers and we will be able to provide you, on an obligation free basis, with advice on how to contest a Will, advise you on whether or not you have grounds for contesting a Will and advise you generally.

Another deserving client with a fantastic result.

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