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Estate Settlement Offer: Why You Shouldn’t Accept The First Offer Made

We represented a client whose mother had passed away. The client came to our office with an offer having been made by the representation for the estate.

The question was whether this offer was reasonable.

Upon reviewing the material involved, and with our specialist opinion, we were able to identify that the offer made, while a good offer, was not reasonable under the circumstances.

After a very short period of approximately six (6) months we were able to put together an offer and organise a settlement conference so as to secure an extra 27% of the estate, a significant increase that our client would NOT have received had she accepted the first offer made by the estate.

For this reason it is essential that you do not accept the first offer made by the Estate and seek legal advice.

If you have received an offer from an Estate, please contact our Office for your FREE First Consultation with an experienced Contesting Wills Lawyer

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