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Elderly Step-Son Contests Fathers Will for $100,000 After Being Left out of the Will

GMP Contesting a Will Lawyers was instructed by the Plaintiff in the proceedings (the step-son of the deceased).The Plaintiff decided on contesting the Will and received greater than $100,000 clear in his pocket.

Our client came to our office initially seeking advice on what the grounds for contesting a Will are. After advising our client that he was eligible to challenge the Will of his step-father, GMP Contesting a Will Lawyers was instructed to contest the Will of the deceased.

Prior to proceeding with the claim, our client was advised that with respect to all inheritance disputes, it is important to understand what the cost of contesting a Will is and what needs to be addressed to successfully contest a Will in New South Wales.

Our Client was a person in his mid-70’s and had very little to no contact with his step-father after the passing of his biological mother. Our client had also received significant gifts and benefits from his parents during his life in the way of large monetary payments and assistance in purchasing property. After consulting GMP Contesting a Will Lawyers, our client was advised that we believed he had grounds for contesting the Will.

After extensive negotiation, our client was able to reach a result whereby the estate, notwithstanding the provision previously received by our client, paid him in excess of $100,000.00 clear in his pocket to contribute towards his day to day living expenses.

If you require advice on what is required to be conducted in contesting a Will, Wills and Trusts, the costs of contesting a Will and advice on who can contest a Will, please do not hesitate to contact GMP Contesting a Will Lawyers.

We have extensive experience in the contesting a Will process and can ensure that you receive the advice you need and the guidance necessary to maximise any result when making a claim for further provision out of an estate.

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