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Daughter Left out of Fathers Will Gains 42% in Settlement Negotiation

A single Mother of three approached our Firm and asked if we could assist in a claim against her Late Father’s Estate after she was left entirely out of the Will. Our client had a Brother, who was also left out of their Late Father’s Will.

The Will left the entirety of the Deceased’s Estate to Charity. Our client was in a dire situation, struggling financially as a single Mother supporting three young children. Although she had had little communication with her Father over the years, she did make sure her children met and spent time with their Grandfather on occasions.

Both our client and her Brother made a claim on their Late Father’s Estate and through settlement negotiation we were able to obtain a favourable result, whereby each of the children received a 42.5 per cent share in the Estate and the Charity received the remaining 15 percent.

This settlement was able to be reached without the need for any lengthy Court process and the mutually agreeable result was able to be reached between the parties in an amicable manner.

Whilst the Estate was only small and worth some $200,000.00, the settlement amount provided our client with a chance to pay off debts and provide the support her Family needs.

This was a great outcome for all parties involved as we were able to come to an agreement favourable to all parties without the need of costly litigation and court process.

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