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Daughter Contests her Father Wills & Recives Substantial Provision Sum

Our client, a daughter of the deceased, contacted Gerard Malouf and Partners when she learnt that her father had not adequately provided for her in his last will and testament. She explained to Garbis Kolokossian, an experienced solicitor from the Contested Wills team, that she had been her father’s main support after her mother passed away. Whilst their relationship remained amicable during childhood, her father was not supportive of her life choices. Such, animosity was reflected in the last will and testament. Accordingly, our client contested the will and the matter settled outside of Court.

Our client had a difficult childhood due to her familial circumstances. Our client recalled instances where her father would drink in excess leading to a number of arguments with her mother and other family members. The deceased was also violent towards our client’s mother, who was later diagnosed with a mental illness. From an early age our client took on many household and domestic duties as a result of her mother’s condition. Our client also commenced working at an early age to support her family, which was encouraged by the deceased.

As our client grew older, she endured most of her father’s aggression resulting from his excessive drinking. This was particularly evident when she tried to make her own decisions. The deceased was not accepting of our client’s marriage.  In all circumstances, our client tried to maintain a functional relationship with her father.

At the time of making her claim, our client was on a disability pension and had a very low earning capacity. She was also diagnosed with chronic depression and bipolar disorder.

During the initial conference it was explained to the client that she was eligible for a contesting wills claim. The process and grounds of a contesting wills claim was also explained in detail.

Gerard Malouf and Partners tried to resolve the matter cordially with the defendant. Accordingly, an offer of settlement was accepted.

Our client received a substantial sum of money pursuant to her claim and now intends on moving on with her life.

It took Gerard Malouf and Partners no more than 7 months to resolve our clients claim.

This case shows that Gerard Malouf and Partners has the skill and dedicated to solve any claim.

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