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Contesting wills settlement provides sisters further provision after father leaves half his estate to charity.

Our firm was approached by two sisters. The sisters had owned a multi-million dollar property in equal shares with their father. Their father passed away and left half of his share of the property to charity and the other half in equal shares to our clients and their brother.

Our clients both enjoyed good relationships with their father during his lifetime. Our clients and their brother worked together to look after their father through episodes of mental illness. Unfortunately, after their father died our clients discovered that he had changed his will just weeks before to leave 50% of his estate to charity. Our clients were uneasy about contesting a will. However, they knew that the division of his estate was unfair as their father had repeatedly promised to look after them during his lifetime.

Our client found GMP Contesting Wills Lawyers and provided our office with instructions to take the necessary steps to make an inheritance dispute claim. Contesting Wills Lawyer Garbis Kolokossian explained that prior to undertaking formal estate litigation, it is necessary to put the estate on notice of ones intention of contesting a will.

Our clients instructed Garbis to try and resolve the matter amicably. After initial settlement offers were rejected Garbis Kolokossian commenced estate litigation in the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Through further settlement negotiations Contesting Wills Lawyer Garbis Kolokossian was able to secure a large benefit out of the estate for both our clients.

The matter settled quickly, minimising legal fees and both of our clients were happy with the result.

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