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Contesting a Will in Queensland Daughter Receives $40,000 out of Estate of Neglectful Father

Our client’s biological father had passed away and did not provide for her in his will. Our client was very upset by her father’s will and decided to fight for the recognition that she deserved by contesting the will.

Our client’s parents had separated when our client was a young child and she had remained living with her mother. After her parents’ separation our client did not have much contact with her father. Our client always felt that there was a void in her life due to the absence of her father. As she grew older our client made an effort on several occasions to contact her father. However, our client’s father never reciprocated her efforts and this made our client feel a sense of distance imposed by her father. Despite her father’s absence our client always considered him as her father and continued to love him.

Our client was in poor financial circumstances. She lived in a rental property and the only income she received was in the form of welfare payments. Our client also suffered from an ongoing illness which affected her arms.

Our client contacted Garbis Kolokossian of GMP Contesting Wills Lawyers because she felt that she had been unfairly treated by her father in her life time and disregarded by him in his will. Garbis understood our client’s sentiments and made sure the executors understood that the state of our client’s relationship with her father was not her fault. Garbis fought hard to secure provision for our client from her father’s estate. During settlement negotiations the defendant solicitors made an offer of $40,000.00, which our client accepted happily.

If you are considering contesting a will then contact the experienced Contesting a Will team at Gerard Malouf and Partners. We understand that each matter is different  and we take the time necessary to understand the specific circumstances of your claim.

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