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Contesting a Will Client Receives 50% of Late Mother Estate

Our client’s mother passed away and left the entirety of her estate to her second husband, our client’s step father. Our client was deeply saddened by this decision as she had always considered herself very close to her mother. As a result, our client decided that contesting a will was the right decision for her and contacted GMP Contesting Wills Lawyers Partners to assist during this difficult time.

Our client was the eldest child and she had always had a very good relationship with her mother. As she was growing up, our client’s mother taught her how to play netball and they often spent time together watching netball matches. After our client’s parents got divorced our client moved out of home but always maintained a close relationship with her mother. Our client’s mother helped her when she first moved out and required financial assistance. Our client always stayed in contact with her mother and when her mother fell ill our client quit her job to be closer to her mother.

At the time that our client instructed GMP Contesting Wills Lawyers she was in poor financial circumstances due to the decision she had made to quit her job to stay with her mum. Our client was unable to find new employment after her mother’s passing and she still had a substantial mortgage to pay off. This had been a major contributor to our client’s decision to go ahead with contesting a will.

Upon receiving our client’s initial call we made arrangements for our client to meet with the Will Disputes team at GMP Contesting a Will Lawyers in order to canvas the best options for our client. Garbis Kolokossian, the lawyer with day to day carriage over this matter, office commenced proceedings in the Supreme Court of NSW so as to be in a position to fight for the best possible outcome. Our client was happy with the final offer made by the Defendants which represented 50% of her later mother’s estate. This was an outcome which could not have been achieved without the dedication of the solicitors at GMP.

Our client was overjoyed with the outcome and, in particular, the recognition she received as being a substantial part of her mother’s life.

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