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Conesting Will Mediation Gains Son $250,000 After Being Left Out of Fathers Will

Our client, a loving a devoted son, had a fantastic childhood. Following the divorce of his Mother and Father, his Father re-married the Defendant. Unfortunately due to a number of distasteful allegations with respect to our client, his relationship with the Deceased became very turbulent and more importantly his relationship with his step-mother and step-sister became non-existent.

It was not surprising that our client was left nothing out of his Father’s estate. Our client sought the advice of Gerard Malouf and Partners to advise him on what is required when contesting a Will and to provide him with advice on how to contest a Will in New South Wales.

The file was opened on 26 April 2013 by Mr Garbis Kolokossian, Solicitor. Mr Garbis Kolokossian immediately prepared correspondence which was sent to the Defendant’s putting them on notice that we represent our client’s interests with respect to contesting a Will. Notice was given to the Executor that our client would be contesting the Will of the Deceased. It was explained to our client that when challenging a Will, Affidavit evidence is required. Mr Kolokossian immediately prepared Affidavit evidence and subsequently prepared a Summons which was filed in the Supreme Court of NSW.

On 20 June 2014, the parties participated in a Mediation which lasted six and a half hours. During this time significant points were discussed and both parties were forced to compromise in order to bring about a resolution. Our client was surprised to hear that the Defendant agreed to pay $250,000.00 inclusive of his costs to resolve the claim. Our client was ecstatic that he was able to put this claim to an end and move on with his life. A very happy client and a great result in very difficult circumstances.

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