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Client Contesting a Will is Thrilled by Quick Settlement

Our client contacted GMP Contesting a Will Lawyers to seek expert advice from our Contested Wills team. Our client’s father had passed away and left half of his estate to his grandchildren and the other half to our client. However, this matter was complicated by the fact that our client’s brother had defrauded their late father of over $100,000 prior to his death.

Our client had always enjoyed a close relationship with his father and had assisted his father financially when he needed to make improvements to his home. Our client also assisted his father in his old age by mowing his lawn and doing his shopping for him.

Our client and his wife were an elderly retired couple, and their only source of income was their Aged Pension. Our client was involved in a work place accident when he was younger and had been unable to work ever since. Our client’s wife had also been involved in a separate accident which left her with a series of disabilities. As a result our client and his wife were still paying off the mortgage on their family home and struggling to do so.

Our client was considering contesting a will due to his relationship with his father and his current circumstances. Our experienced Contested Wills team advised our client that contesting a will was a real option for him.

Upon being instructed in this matter David Cossalter acted diligently to secure the best result for our client as quickly as possible. David made contact with the Estate’s solicitors to advise them of our client’s claim for further provision. David also filed the documents necessary to start proceeding in the Supreme Court of NSW.

However, both sides were open to negotiations and the Estate made an offer of settlement in the amount of $60,000 in addition to his entitlements under his father’s will. Our client was happy to accept the offer of settlement as he felt that it was a good offer and would help him in his retirement.

As the claim was resolved within 2 months of starting proceedings in the Supreme Court of NSW, and well prior to the mediation, our client was thrilled with the efficiency of David Cossalter and the speed with which his matter was settled.

If you are considering contesting a will contact the experienced team of solicitors at GMP Contesting a Will Lawyers. You can trust our team of solicitors to achieve the best result possible in your matter.

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