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Brother left nothing in will receives $60,000 without the need to litigate

Our client was one of 6 children who had a good relationship with his father. Following his father’s death it was revealed that all but one of his children were left out of his Will and all of his assets were left to just one of his sons. Our client contacted Gerard Malouf & Partners Contesting Wills Lawyers to act on his behalf in contesting a Will for Family Provision from his Late Father’s Estate.

After meeting with Richele Nelsen, one of our experienced solicitors in the Will dispute team, a file was opened and the Estate put on notice of our client’s intended claim. We then attended to gathering information in relation to our client’s financial circumstances and the financial position of the Estate.

Our client was eager to resolve the claim as quickly as possible and preferably without the need to go to Court. Our experienced solicitors were able to enter into negotiation discussions with the Estate at an early stage and prior to commencing Court proceedings. The matter was resolved within 4 months of our firm taking on the claim. Our client received $60,000.00 and was ecstatic with the outcome which was achieved quickly, efficiently and without the need of going to Court.

If you have been left out of a Will or believe the benefit you have been left is insufficient in the circumstances, please contact Gerard Malouf & Partners today for your first free consultation on 1300 768 780. We have experienced solicitors who will fight hard for your rights in contesting a Will and seeking Family Provision.

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