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Biological Daughter Left Out Of Tiny Estate And Recovered A Great Portion Of The Estate

Our client, the biological child of the deceased was left nothing our of her late mother’s estate. Unfortunately due to a number or reasons including emotional abuse and harassment, the relationship between our client and the deceased became estranged.

Our client had not seen or spoken to her mother for some 10 years prior to her mother’s passing. Our client’s son had resided with the deceased for a period of approximately 6 years throughout his life. Our client sought advice from Garbis Kolokossian of our office with respect to her entitlement to claim further provision out of the estate. Gerard Malouf and Partners took instructions form this client and put the estate on notice of her intention to make a claim. It was only after notice was given to the estate that Gerard Malouf and Partners learnt that the estate was only valued at approximately $230,000.00 at best !!!!

Our client’s sister decided to make a claim along with her son who was already a beneficiary under the Will. With 4 sets of lawyers, the matter was referred to Mediation after everyone filed their primary evidence. After approximately 7 hours of negotiation our client received the bulk of the estate above her other biological sister, her biological brother and her child who was seeking further provision.

Whilst this result did not mend the sores of the past it gave our client some much needed closure and finally put a smile of her face. In order to assist, GMP Contesting a Will Lawyers charged ¼ of their regular fee in a matter of this nature in order to assist the client in reaching a resolution and upholding our dedication to client satisfaction and achieving justice for our clients.

Another satisfied client and another fantastic win for GMP Contesting Wills Lawyers.

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