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Adult Foster Daughter From Sydney Contests the Will of Her Late Mother‘s Estate and Wins

Gerard Malouf & Partners was contacted by our client seeking advice on Contesting a Will of her late foster mother who will be referred to as her mother due to their close relationship. Our client is not the biological child of the deceased and therefore, her eligibility had to be confirmed in order for her to be able to contest the will in NSW.

Our client’s mother passed away at the age of 96. Gerard Malouf and Partners Expert Lawyers provided our client with advice on how to contest her late mother’s will after learning that she was to only receive a $200,000 benefit out of a $1.25 million dollar Estate. An initial consultation with our client presented her with the strengths and weaknesses of her claim as well as the grounds for contesting a will in New South Wales.

Our client depended on her mother emotionally throughout the course of her life.  She cooked her three to four meals a week and visited her a minimum of two times a week. This relationship continued until the date of death of the deceased.

Due to our client suffering from an injury, she has significant financial needs. This injury has rendered her incapable of being able to carry out simple tasks at work and thus was forced to take an early retirement.

Therefore, in order to keep costs minimal, and reduce the uncertainty of litigation, Gerard Malouf and Partners Expert Lawyers advised that the matter be referred to a mediation in an attempt to reach a settlement in good faith.

After lengthy negotiations the matter was settled when both parties were able to agree on Terms of Settlement, awarding our client $135,000 on top of the amount she was entitled to from the Will.

Our client was extremely satisfied by the outcome of the mediation as well as the service provided by Gerard Malouf and Partners in contesting her late mother’s will.

If you are an adult foster child who was dependent on the deceased during the course of their life, either financially or emotionally and you have been left out of their Will, contact Gerard Malouf and Partners Expert Contesting a Will Lawyers for a free first consultation.

A great outcome for a deserving client in record time.

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