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A Daughter Receives 50% of Her Mother’s Estate After Contesting a Will

A woman contacted our office to make an inquiry about contesting a will following the death of her mother. Despite being her only child, this client’s mother had passed away leaving her a gift of just $2,000.00 from her Estate.

Our client’s relationship with her mother was quite distant, they did not keep in regular contact with one another nor did they visit often. Our client resided in Queensland and her mother lived in Canberra but she would call her mother sporadically throughout the year and would send her a card and flowers on her birthday.

Our client was unemployed and her husband was studying, leaving them to rely on Centrelink pensions and allowances to meet their day to day costs of living.

We were able to actively pursue a claim for further provision from the Estate from our client’s late mother. Through persuasive correspondence with the Estate, we were able to reach a settlement providing our client with a 50% share of her Late mother’s Estate. We were able to achieve this result within 4 months of opening the file and without the need of commencing will dispute proceedings in Court.

If you have an enquiry about contesting a will, please do not hesitate to contact our office for you free consultation. We take on most claims on a no win no fee basis, so call now on 1300 768 780.

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