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Pawn Star’s Richard Harrison cuts son from Will

When a person with a terminal illness begins to near the end of their life, they will probably start to consider everything in their Will, such as who the beneficiaries will be and who will operate their estate once they have passed. Recently, a TV celebrity cut out one of his sons from his Will during the last year of his life, causing a string of questions in the media.

Richard Harrison, known on the TV show Pawn Stars as the Old Man, died on June 25 from complications with Parkinson’s disease. His Will, which originally listed all three of his children as beneficiaries of his estate, was later revised to exclude his son Christopher.

What did the Will say?

Harrison’s final Will stated that while he loved and held affection for his son Christopher, his youngest, he was purposely excluding him from receiving any of his estate, the Blast reported this month. Harrison had made the change to his Will in 2017. He then said any further reference to his children in the Will is referring to his other two children.

Who are the beneficiaries?

Rick, another of Harrison’s sons, was included in the Will and was given power over the estate. Harrison’s other son is also included in the Will, in addition to his wife. Rick is also a star of Pawn Stars, and had announced his father’s death to fans on his Facebook account in June. Together Rick and his father had owned and worked in the pawn shop that the TV show is filmed in, the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, since 1989.

Harrison was 77 years old when he died and had struggled with Parkinson’s disease for some time. The value of his estate is not fully known, but his estimated net worth is $5 million, according to the History Channel. The reasons for cutting his youngest son out of his Will before his death remain unknown.

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