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My Will dispute is complex. How can I guarantee that I’ll win?

One of the main concerns for Will dispute claimants before they speak to a solicitor is the risk of losing money. They often think’ ‘If I spend a lot on hiring an expert lawyer, am I guaranteed to win my case?’ The next question often is; ‘Is it worth it?’

Many other law firms operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis – but this still doesn’t give much certainty to someone trying to budget for legal fees and other expenses appropriately. Open communication about your individual case is key, and a vital part of how we represent our clients at Gerard Malouf & Partners.

Our unique approach to Will dispute case costs
We understand that everyone wants to know the impact of any case outcome. As such, we always discuss costs in full detailwith new clients. Our fee structure is unique to Australian legal firms in that we are committed to reducing our fees appropriately if a client is dissatisfied. One of our major values lies in sharing a client’s problems – if they aren’t happy, we want to show them we still have their best intentions at heart.

Another feature of our Will dispute services is our flexibility. Gerard Malouf & Partners was founded to fight for the disenfranchised. If an estate is small and claimants lack the resources for a legal battle, the case is often set aside. We believe everyone should be able to stand for the rights, and our fee structure is commensurate with your case. This means we are a more reasonable alternative than other legal firms in NSW.

Our complex case policy
Gerard Malouf & partners’ policy towards tackling complex or hard-to-win cases introduces senior managers to a case from a very early stage, in order to get a more experienced eye on the problem. From there, our management teams will take all steps possible, working with case lawyers, to deliver a satisfying outcome for our client. While other law firms may treat such cases in a ‘paint by numbers’ way, we are committed to delivering our best on every case.

Complimentary 90 day trial services
Such is the confidence in our legal abilities means we offer a free 90 day trial of our legal services to establish our professionalism and competence. This clause has to be explicitly included when we draw up our clients’ written cost agreement. If dissatisfied with our services during the case, they’re entitled to remove their file at no cost (with five days written notice provided).

Convinced your complex case doesn’t look so complex anymore? For more information on our commitment to delivering the best services to our clients, contact Gerard Malouf & Partners Will dispute solicitors today.

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