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Why Work With Contesting A Will

Our philosophy and culture

We Are Different, Why Are We Better?

We aim to be the absolute best most highly specialised Will Dispute Law Firm in Australia, no ifs or buts. Mediocrity and an average approach to work have no place whatsoever coupled with exceptional client service!

Not only are these general aims critical to success but they must be accompanied with a delivery of the triple “C” attitude – Compassion, Commitment and Competence by all members of GMP Contesting A Will so that the client achieves the maximum result in the quickest possible time against the odds. If a staff member does not embrace, accept and further these aims, there is no place in our firm for them

All our staff and particularly our GMP Contesting A Will lawyers love being part of the GMP legal family because our work involves multiple specialisations including, but not limited to, being:

  • Part bloodhound, full of anxiety, energy, a judge, the jury, a policeman, an investigator, a specialist doctor, a psychologist, salesman, a confessor/priest, manager, a leader – helping often distraught and disadvantaged people achieve their hopes and dreams with maximum justice in a compassionate manner often against the odds.
  • A GMP Contesting A Will lawyer and staff member is always looking towards the future never the past. Whatever we have achieved, whatever we have done in the past that is fantastic BUT what excites and drives us is the future and what we can achieve, where we will be and where we are heading so that we can improve on anything that we have achieved in the past for clients. Embrace this point as a guide for not only law but also your family and personal life and success will be forthcoming.
  • A GMP lawyer recalls what the Chief Justice said when he or she was admitted. Yes a lawyer may have worked hard, achieved great results all under very harsh and difficult conditions and eventually was admitted to the Supreme Court but we are not like most other professions as we have competing duties and obligations to the client, employer, the Court and to society. As a GMP lawyer, we must accept this responsibility absolutely and use it to achieve maximum justice for our clients each and every time.
  • Our lawyers and staff have achieved through hard earned litigation the gift of knowledge to help our clients work their way through complex laws to achieve maximum justice. With this ability comes great responsibility with serious obligations to society and our clients! Let’s never forget that as we can individually change the impact and extent of laws and their application through every case that we are involved.
  • Our aim as a GMP lawyer and staff member is that in every case that we handle we regard it as being our first and only matter and strive unreservedly with passion to achieve extraordinary results looking outside the standard parameters, not adopting the standard assumptions that most lawyers might assume to speed up processes, but examining each and every facet of liability and damages so that we can explore and maximise our clients entitlements, never assuming or approaching a case with a cookie cutter attitude.
  • A GMP lawyer and staff member is not afraid to seize the extraordinary power that they can wield to achieve the perfect result. With direction from our clients we have the power to control outcomes and don’t simply rely on barristers, doctors or professional experts that we engage without thoroughly analysing, criticising, probing and questioning every aspect of a claim for the benefit of our clients until we are satisfied we are taking the appropriate direction to achieve justice and maximum damages. We are not just after mediocre average results that many other law firms achieve but extraordinary results!


The core philosophy of GMP staff and the essence of our business structure makes it a far more dynamic, satisfying and exciting place to work due to the fact that there is no place for mediocrity or the word “average” at GMP.

We are always striving for greatness and excelling at everything from client care, showcasing the “love” and triple “C” attitude – Compassion, Competence and Commitment to our clients and excelling with brilliant incisive legal preparation and presentatio

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