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Vrege Kolokossian

Vrege (Reg) Kolokossian is a Senior Partner at GMP Contesting Wills. Reg has been practising in law for over 30 years. In fact, his experience has been broad-based having started his career initially working for the insurance companies. The TAC in Melbourne and the GIO in Sydney for over 8 years. As such he has developed a very sound understanding of how insurance companies operate and the tactics employed. It is for this reason that his skills over the last 20 years have excelled in negotiating settlements in some of the most difficult cases. His experience and reputation has grown over the years to be a highly regarded compensation solicitor and advocate fighting for the rights of his clients.

Reg is now in a senior management position and as such notwithstanding the thousands of cases he has run over the years he now oversees and manages a team of dedicated and highly skilled compensation solicitors who manage will and inheritance dispute claims across Australia.

As a member of the Australian Lawyers Alliance along with other professional bodies, he continues to lead the charge in advocating the rights of clients both in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria. He was instrumental in ensuring that our regional offices throughout the Eastern Coast of Australia were set up so as to assist in servicing those individuals who did not have ready access to the law and justice with regards to claims against insurance companies. Reg and the firm offered clients the specialised service and ensured their guarantee of “No Win No Fee”.

Reg grew up in his home state of Victoria his parents having moved to Melbourne when he was 4 years of age. He grew up to support and follow AFL football and in particular his beloved Richmond and played both AFL and Basketball in his younger years when his body could handle the pace.

Having married a New South Wales girl the timing was right to move to Sydney and continue the career where he initially joined GIO.

Eight years later, he joined Gerard and the firm in August 1996. At this stage, the firm was in its infancy with Gerard and Reg being the only 2 solicitors and now is part of a successful team of over 60 staff.

He is a family man with 5 children and continues to coach Basketball and be involved in the various sporting activities of all of his children. It is therefore not surprising that one of his greatest skills is the ability to mediate and negotiate whether it is with his children, his sporting teams, or his team of lawyers. Importantly however his biggest satisfaction is to negotiate the best outcome for his clients.

Languages: English, Arabic, Greek, and Armenian

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