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Gerard Malouf

Gerard Malouf

“Leaders must be close enough to relate to others, but far enough ahead to motivate them”

This would be one of the ways to best describe Gerard Malouf. Gerard grew up in an environment where excellence, consideration of others, and a sense of justice were demonstrated. His father, a specialist medical practitioner, instilled values and beliefs in his children, about themselves and others, that developed and shaped Gerard into the leader he is today.

Gerard has been a legal practitioner for over 25 years and has led the team at Gerard Malouf & Partners since our inception. The belief system that governs both his private and professional life is: “ Anyone can achieve anything in life if they set goals, put the effort in, and pray. Never be afraid to help those around you and use the skills and powers that you have to do good for others, as it will find its way back to you someday. If you live by this motto you will have nothing to hide from and live a happy and peaceful life. “Success and happiness is not merely luck, but comes about through a great deal of hard work and commitment”.

The belief system that he has instilled into the firm is that “if we cannot help the client and show them love and some understanding and compassion, then we might as well be not practicing law. We need to impart warmth, compassion, and “love” to each other and every person that comes to our office door and show them respect”. These attributes are partly responsible for Gerard having opened various offices throughout Australia and supporting GMP Contesting Wills to become a leading will dispute law firm.

Gerard studied a Combined Arts & Law Degree, majoring in politics at the NSW University, Randwick. He became an Accredited Specialist lawyer in 1993 and is the founding member of the Australian Plaintiffs Lawyers Association. He is also a member of the American Trial Lawyers Association (Excellence in Advocacy) and as well as a member of the Brain Injury Association.

A father of 4, Gerard’s interests range from Rugby, camping, hunting, water skiing, game fishing, sports car racing, and motor cross riding.

Gerard’s confidence in winning your case means that he has a No Win-No fee policy subject to conditions.

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