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Inheritance disputes – how can lawyers help?

Dealing with inheritance disputes after the passing of a loved one can be an emotionally exhausting experience;, yet when contesting wills, time is of the essence.

Contesting wills lawyers can guide you through this complex process.

Here are some examples of how they can help.

Left out of the will

When a loved one is left out of the will by a recently deceased family member, this can lead to an inheritance dispute.

An example is a recent client whose parent left them out of their will, opting instead to leave their entire estate to the client’s son and grandchildren.

The client took his case to lawyers who were able to provide the evidence and material needed to convince the estate solicitors with his claim.

As a result, the client was able to settle with the other family members and receive a part of the estate.

Unfair distribution of assets

Sometimes, a family member may be included in the will of a relative, but feel that they did not receive an equitable share.

In a recent case handled by our lawyers, a client whose wife had passed away was only left a small part of his former spouse’s legacy.

There had been a separation in the months leading up to the wife’s passing and during this time, the will had been altered to reduce the proportion of the estate left to the client.

contesting wills lawyer worked with the client to build a strong case and was able to get a settlement which resulted in their inheritance being doubled and their legal costs being paid as well.

Resolving a complicated situation

Sometimes when certain family members are left out of a will it can be awkward for all involved, and everyone make seek to find an equitable solution.

Despite this, the complexities of dividing an estate and the personal opinions of each party can make it hard to find a solution that pleases everyone.

In these situations, lawyers can facilitate the discussion and help each party present their views in a concise and unambiguous way.

A client who along with a sibling had been left out of their mother’s will, had tried to resolve the situation with other family members but without success, despite all parties having good relationships.

By having a lawyer help them outline their views and then negotiate with the estate solicitor and other parties, the client was able to reach an outcome agreed to by all, while keeping on amicable terms with other family members.

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