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How do you confirm the size of an estate?

Death is something we all have to face at some point of our lives. Whether a grandparent, parent or friend, it never gets any easier. Today, an important part of the post-death process is the allocation of the deceased’s estate via their will.

In many cases, the announcement of the will can add more tension to an already stressful situation. For example, the estate’s probate documents might outline that there is only a house listed, but you were in the belief that there was more to be allocated.

In this situation, it is important to talk to a contesting will lawyer. This is a potentially complex topic and will need the expertise of a lawyer to resolve.

Why would an executor undervalue the estate?

During the allocation of a will, the executor holds a lot of power. While this should be respected, an executor will sometimes undervalue the estate in terms of contents and overall monetary worth.

For the most part, this is to avoid a contested will or to minimise the probate cost. However, if you are eligible to claim from an estate and believe key pieces of the puzzle are being undervalued or hidden, it is vital that you speak up – especially if someone else has received provision of the asset.

How can contesting wills lawyer help?

Investigating cases of executor deceit is a tricky exercise, but something that we take a lot of pride in. As soon as the situation has been brought to our attention, we will look past the original probate documents and undertake detailed investigations of the deceased’s name and potential assets.

As we are taking a look at the estate from a fresh perspective, it is easier to spot anomalies in relation to bank accounts or property documents. If we do find an issue or information to challenge the decision of the executors, we have the expertise to take it to Court on your behalf.

Whether this is in relation to new assets not included in the estate allocation or the misrepresentation of others, our contesting will lawyers will analyse the truth of the matter.

During this tough time, it’s easy to make claims without any evidence. However, with the assistance of our team of lawyers, you can have access to this proof and ensure you are given the provisions that you deserve.

For more information about starting this process, contact GMP Contesting a Will Lawyers today.

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