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Will Dispute FAQs

I am not a family member of the deceased. Can I still contest their will?

When a loved one dies, their will is a crucial legal document to help sort out their affairs. Even though they are binding legal documents, family members and other eligible parties have the right to contest the will if they feel they were unfairly provided for. Among many other factors, courts will take a close look at your relationship with

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What happens when a family member dies without a will?

When a family member passes away – whether unexpectedly or not – they may leave behind a complicated legal proceeding if they do not have a will in place. People who die but have no wills on file are considered intestate, according to The Public Trustee Queensland. In such cases, the Succession Act of 1981 is quite clear on how assets

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How can I change my will?

Estate planning is crucial for people who want their assets to be distributed among their loved ones according to their wishes. An important part of the process is writing a will. However, what happens when you’ve already produced a will but wish to make changes? After all, most people go through a number of life-changing events that could affect who

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Mediation Settlement: Do Mutual Wills Really Exist?

Our client was a stepchild of the deceased with his natural parent having passed away in 2003. The deceased was the only beneficiary of our clients natural parent’s Estate and our client did not challenge this as he was of the understanding that all would be left to him upon his stepmother’s passing. Throughout the years leading up to his

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