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Our Successful Will Dispute Claims

Adult Daughter Wins a Family Provisions Claim and Receives Quarter of Estate

We were contacted by our client, an adult daughter wanting to make a family provision claim against her late father’s estate. Our client initially contacted us by phone and was given advice on the spot about her eligibility to bring the claim and likely prospects of success. Our client was sexually abused by her paternal grandfather and due to conflict arising

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Man Receives $120,000 After His Biological Mother Passes Away

Case Overview Our client’s biological mother had passed away without leaving a last Will and Testament. He was worried due to the rules of intestacy that his mother’s husband would receive the whole of the estate which had an estimated value of $360k. A Mediation took place and our client received $120k after a three-way split of the Estate was

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Woman Receives $155,000 After Being Excluded From Her Father’s Estate

Case Overview Our client’s father passed away in early 2020, leaving his property to his youngest daughter. After learning that she had not been adequately provided for under the Will, our client contacted Gerard Malouf and Partners. We were able to successfully negotiate a significant increase in our client’s provision from $5,000 to $155,000. Our client’s father passed away in

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