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Estranged Husband Successfully Contests Will in NSW

A husband expected that he was not going to outlive his late wife due to health problems. Thinking ahead, our client took his name off the property’s deed to make it easier for his wife in the future. Prior to his death, his wife ended their marriage. However, they still had a great relationship, so much so that they would

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Adult Son Contest Father’s Will in New South Wales and Wins $75,000

Gerard Malouf and Partners was approached by an adult son seeking information on how to make a Family Provision Claim. He was specifically wanting advice on how to contest his father’s will in New South Wales. During his initial free consultation, our client was asked to outline the history of his relationship with his father as well as his current

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Estranged Son from Penshurst Contests Mother’s Will and Wins

Gerard Malouf and Partners was contacted by an adult son wanting to contest his mother’s will. They shared a close bond until the day he did not invite his sister to a family barbeque. Our client did this as he and his sister did not get along and the barbecue was a small, informal gathering. From that day, everything changed

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Estate Agrees to Extinguish Plaintiff’s Debt to the Estate & Pay Him 10% of the Net Sale Proceeds from the Family Home

Our client was a 50 year old man who came to Gerard Malouf and Partners wanting to contest his late mother’s Will as he felt that he had not been adequately provided for. The client’s mother passed away in the state of New South Wales and as a result the client had 12 months from the date of death to commence probate proceedings in the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

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Father Dies Intestate & Biological Daughter Receives $150,000 from the Estate

A client approached Gerard Malouf & Partners to ask what her rights were in relation to her biological father passing away intestate. The biological father passed away in the state of New South Wales, however, he did not leave a Last Will and Testament. The client instructed GMP that the Estate solicitors had made an application for letters of administration.

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