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Contesting Wills Lawyer Fights For Justice in Small Estate


Our client’s mother passed away without including him as a beneficiary in her will. Although our client was initially uncertain about contesting a will, he decided to instruct GMP Contesting Wills Lawyers in his matter as he could not understand his mother’s decision to leave him out of her will. Our client…

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Contesting a Will for Proper Recognition of Son’s Relationship With His Mother


Our client’s mother passed away and left her entire estate to her grandchildren and family friends. Our client had always maintained a close relationship with his mother and could not understand her decision to leave him out of her will. As a result our client contacted the Contesting Will team…

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Contesting a Will Client Receives 50% of Late Mother Estate


Our client’s mother passed away and left the entirety of her estate to her second husband, our client’s step father. Our client was deeply saddened by this decision as she had always considered herself very close to her mother. As a result, our client decided that contesting a will was the right…

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Daughter doubles the amount left to her under her father’s will


Our client’s father passed away leaving his home, and the majority of his estate, to his third wife, whom he had only been married to for 6 months. Our client was devastated by this especially as she and her father were close. She turned to GMP Contesting Wills Lawyers to help her…

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Step-child left out of step-father’s will settles dispute for $140,000


When our client first instructed will dispute lawyer David Cossalter she informed him that she was one of six children, and that she feared that her and one of her brothers may have been left out of their step-father’s will. Upon investigation David Cossalter found that the deceased had left…

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Son contests will to secure 75% of his late mother’s estate


Our client’s mother passed away leaving her estate in equal shares to our client and his brother. In the circumstances of this case, considering the differing financial positions of our client and his brother, it was not a fair apportionment of the estate. We investigated this difference in position and…

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A Daughter Receives 50% of Her Mother’s Estate After Contesting a Will


A woman contacted our office to make an inquiry about contesting a will following the death of her mother. Despite being her only child, this client’s mother had passed away leaving her a gift of just $2,000.00 from her Estate. Our client’s relationship with her mother was quite distant, they did not…

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Success in defending allegations of misappropriation and attempted removal of an Executor


A mother of three dies, leaving a Will in which she appoints all three of her children as Executors and equally divides her Estate between them. The oldest daughter had cared for her mother in her older age and had Power of Attorney over her finances and affairs. She assisted in the…

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Court Awards adult son greater provision to be paid from Step Mother’s Share


The Supreme Court of New South Wales recently handed down a decision in a matter where an Adult Son made a Will Disputes Claim on his Late Father’s Estate. Mr Theoctistou was sixty one years of age, married and had three independent adult children at the time this matter was…

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Daughter left out of father’s will- gains 30% of estate upon contesting


When our client’s father passed away he left her nothing in his will. The whole of the estate was left to our client’s brother. Our client contacted contesting a will lawyer David Cossalter of our office to contest the will. Our client and her father had a strained and distant relationship. This…

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Contesting a will setttlement as abusive mother leaves estranged son out of will


We were approached by a client with a view to contesting a will in NSW where his mother had passed away leaving him nothing. Our client and his mother had been estranged for several decades primarily due to her abusive tendencies. Due to this estrangement our client was unaware of her death…

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Fair Contesting a Will Result for Daughter Left out of Will


We were approached by a daughter of the deceased whom was left entirely out of her late mother’s Will. There was no true reason for this as our client maintained a close relationship with her mother throughout the deceased’s life. The Will was changed 6 months prior to her death…

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Contesting a Will due to sister treated like daughter but left out of Will


Our client’s sister passed away and left a multi-million dollar estate and did not provide for our client. The deceased was several years older than our client and had cared for her since she was a child. Our client’s mother abandoned them in childhood and the deceased stepped into the…

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Will Disputed after Daughter left out of father’s will despite promises made


Our client’s father passed away and did not provide sufficiently for her in his will. Our client was in need of financial assistance as she had very little by way of superannuation, savings and did not own her home. Our client was left nothing when her mother had passed away…

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Contesting Will Settlement for Pensioner left out of his father’s will


Our client’s father passed away leaving him nothing in his will. Our client was an elderly gentleman on an aged pension with limited money to live off in his retirement. Although our client lived at a great distance from his father, he had kept in touch with him on a…

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Contesting wills settlement provides sisters further provision after father leaves half his estate to charity.


Our firm was approached by two sisters. The sisters had owned a multi-million dollar property in equal shares with their father. Their father passed away and left half of his share of the property to charity and the other half in equal shares to our clients and their brother. Our…

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Son disputes will after mentally ill mother unfairly leaves him out of her will


Our client and his children were left just five per cent of his mother’s estate under her will. Our client’s mother suffered from a severe mental illness and this rendered his efforts towards a stable mother-son relationship unsuccessful. Our client was keen for his mother to seek care for her…

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Will Dispute Settlement of $50,0000 for son who cared for mother & was left out of will


Our client’s mother passed away and left him nothing in her will. Our client’s mother’s estate was tiny and from that she left her entire estate to our client’s sister, her husband and their children. Our client had relied on his mother and father heavily during his youth. They had…

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Client receives 25% of mother’s estate in will dispute settlement


This was a particularly special case. Our client, found it very difficult to bring himself to disputing a will. He was always very close to all members of his family and struggled with the thought that the differences they had could not be sorted out amongst themselves. After speaking to…

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Son left small gift in his Mother’s Will – increases his benefit by $100,000.00 in three months


Our client’s Mother passed away leaving an Estate worth $900,000.00. She had made a Will some thirty years prior to her death. The deceased had four children. In her Will she left three of her children an amount of approximately $270,000.00 and our client was left a benefit of just $80,000.00. Our…

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Mediation Settlement: Biological Son left minor bequest claims and wins


Our client, the Biological child of the deceased, had a fantastic relationship with his late father. He would spend every week with him, spend time playing recreational Golf, and would invest many hours of his week talking to him. Our client describes his relationship with his father as “Perfect”. It…

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Biological Daughter Left Out Of Tiny Estate And Recovered A Great Portion Of The Estate


Our client, the biological child of the deceased was left nothing our of her late mother’s estate. Unfortunately due to a number or reasons including emotional abuse and harassment, the relationship between our client and the deceased became estranged. Our client had not seen or spoken to her mother for…

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Biological Child Left Out Of The Will, Fights In Court And Wins!!!


Our client, a biological child of the deceased initially saw Garbis Kolokossian from our office with respect to the estate of his late mother in early 2012. During the initial conference, Garbis learnt that our client had a relatively good relationship with his late mother for the majority of his…

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Settlement: second wife vs child from first marriage


When a widow is a main beneficiary of an estate, most firms will shy away from claims, even when those claims are brought by children of the deceased’s first marriage. We at GMP Contesting Wills Lawyers do not share this same opinion. We will take on cases, where other firms do not.…

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Estate Settlement Offer: Why You Shouldn’t Accept The First Offer Made


We represented a client whose mother had passed away. The client came to our office with an offer having been made by the representation for the estate. The question was whether this offer was reasonable. Upon reviewing the material involved, and with our specialist opinion, we were able to identify…

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Son And Daughter Left Out Of Father’s Will Succeeded In Gaining A Joint Settlement Of $120,000


A brother and sister approached our firm in August 2012.      They instructed our firm of their father’s passing and explained that he had left his entire estate to his youngest child. The only beneficiary under the deceased last Will and Testament (our client youngest brother) was described as the “black…

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Brother and sister of estranged father reach settlement after being left out of his will


A Father of four passed away leaving the majority of his Estate to just three of his grandchildren. We represented both brother and sister in a united claim for further family provision from their late Father’s Estate. Our clients had a turbulent relationship with their Father. Our clients’ Mother died at an…

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Biological son in queensland left out of the will fights hard and gets a good result


Our client was a loving son, a caring father and an all round good person. His kindness and loving nature exposed him to being treated unfairly by members of his family. Even though our client saw that his father was being manipulated it was always our clients attitude to love…

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Contesting Wills Lawyers gain Fantastic result for estranged son within 7 months


Our client, the biological child of the deceased was a person who throughout his whole life had been mistreated by his family. Thrown out of his home at the age of 16 he was forced to fend for himself and learn the realities of life from a very young age.…

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Estranged daughter increases provision from her late mother’s will


We represented a woman who was left a $10,000.00 legacy in her mother’s will following a breakdown in their relationship. Our client had a falling out with her mother in about 1985 and they reconciled some 3 to 4 years later. The relationship continued although somewhat strained over the next 15…

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Separated husband significantly increases his entitlement under his late wife’s will


We represented a Husband who approached our firm to assist him in a case where he had only been left a very small legacy following his wife’s death. In the months leading to the Deceased’s death there was a break down in the relationship and our client and his Wife…

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Estate caves on doorstep of court – concedes 50% of estate


We represented a daughter of a deceased who received nothing from the estate. Our client was living in Housing Commission and on a pension. The other beneficiaries were all comfortable and not eligible for the pension. This was a case that was almost fought to the bitter end with minimal offers…

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Daughter Left out of Fathers Will Gains 42% in Settlement Negotiation


A single Mother of three approached our Firm and asked if we could assist in a claim against her Late Father’s Estate after she was left entirely out of the Will. Our client had a Brother, who was also left out of their Late Father’s Will. The Will left the…

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Quick Settlement Negotiation Promotes Family Relationship


We represented a daughter of the deceased whom was left entirely out of her Late mother’s Will. The deceased also had another child, our client’s sister, who was also entirely left out of the Will. All family members involved had attempted to come together to resolve their differences however, were…

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Disinherited Daughter Receives Fair Share of Mothers Estate in Settlement


We represented one of three children in a claim against the Estate of their late mother, an Estate that was comprised of Victorian property and a business which had as estimated value of $850,000.00. We note that in this family provision claim, one of our client’s siblings had also made a…

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Mediation Settlement: Do Mutual Wills Really Exist?


Our client was a stepchild of the deceased with his natural parent having passed away in 2003. The deceased was the only beneficiary of our clients natural parent’s Estate and our client did not challenge this as he was of the understanding that all would be left to him upon…

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Son & Daughter Left Nothing Under Will Gain Settlement in Queensland Case


We acted for the biological son and daughter of the deceased who passed away on 5 October 2010 and left his entire estate to his eldest child. The estate was put on notice of our clients claim and steps were taken to try and resolve the matter amicably between the…

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Illegitimate Daughter With No Contact Considered As An Equal


Our client was the illegitimate daughter of the deceased. The deceased died without leaving a Will and in these circumstances the law that would generally apply is that of Intestacy. In these circumstances, the wife gets $200,000.00 plus 50% of the remainder of the Estate, the other 50% is to be…

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Step Grandchild Makes Family Provision Claim and Settles at Mediation


We acted for the step grandchild of the deceased who passed away on 3 November 2010. Facts Our client had a close and personal relationship with his step grandfather for a period of time and resided with him for 2 distinctive periods of time in his life. He was a…

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Neighbour Succeeds in Contesting a Friends Will After Mental Decline


We acted for a couple who sought our legal advice after finding out their close friend and neighbour had altered his Will just months prior to his death at a time where they believed his mental health was compromised. Our clients befriended the deceased when they moved into the neighbourhood…

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Successful Judgement as Court Alters the Will of Deceased for Former Defacto Partner


We acted for Ms Marando, the former de facto partner of the late Aniello Rizzo who passed away on 30 November 2009, leaving a significant estate comprised primarily of property and business interests. The estate had an estimated value of $1.5 million. Our client and the deceased were high school sweet…

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Adult Child Makes Successful Claim on Estate of Parent after 35 Years Estrangement


On 28 September 2012 the New South Wales Court of Appeal with a bench comprising of Allsop P, Basten JA and Barrett JA gave a decision on appeal. In this matter, the traditional view of an eligible person where there has been little or no contact between the deceased and…

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Pre Litigation Settlement After Son Left Out of the Will


We represented one of five siblings, the only son who was completely left out of the Will of his late mother. The estate, being only some $300,000.00 after the payment of expenses, was left equally to his siblings and nothing to our client. Within six months settlement was achieved. This is a…

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Elderly People and the Law Letter of Appreciation


My name is Ophelia Amirchian and work in North Ryde Community Aid & Information Centre as Armenian Social Support & Care Coordinator. I organise weekly social groups for Armenian senior citizens on Mondays in Ryde Civic Hall. I usually invite guest speakers who are willing to give information regarding senior’s issues. Law…

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Mediation Wins Daughter $120,000.00 After Being Left Nothing Under the Will


This is a case where we represented a daughter of the deceased being one of three children. Within 11 months we achieved a brilliant result for her via contesting a will mediation. Facts Our client had a good relationship with her mother however had not resided with her or been dependant…

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50% of Estate Won after Settlement Conference in Queensland Family Provision Claim


Our clients, the biological daughter and the biological son of the deceased, attended our office on 26 October 2010 to seek further provision under the estate of their parent who passed away on 5 October 2010. Instructions were originally obtained from both our clients and immediate steps were taken to…

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Mediation Settlement Unequal Distribution Between Siblings


Our client was one of two children of the deceased and was only left 25% of his mother’s estate. The balance of the estate went to his sister and her two children. The deceased had allowed for such an unequal and unfair division of her estate property as she believed…

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Mediation Settlement of QLD Dispute Volotile Family Relationship


We represented two siblings in a dispute with the Estate of their late mother. The Estate was in Queensland and there was a significant number of beneficiaries and persons involved in the claim with a complex and volatile family history. The problem in this matter was not only the size of…

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Cooper v McNeice – Daughter In Financial Need


WIN: Daughter In Financial Need Successful Against Estate of Mother Cooper v McNeice; Munday v MacNeice [2012] NSW SC 414 This is a matter where we represented a daughter in a claim against the Estate of her late mother where the whole of the Estate was left to be shared…

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Joseph Saliba & Anor v Thomas Tarmo [2009] NSWSC 581 (reported)


Our client’s were close family friends and carers of the deceased. They looked after the deceased when her husband died and later became the fund managers and trustees of the financial affairs as appointed by the Guardianship Tribunal. Our clients always looked after the deceased out of the goodness of…

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