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Who can contest a will in Queensland?

In Australia, each state and territory has its own legislation in relation to contesting a will and making a claim for family provision from the estate. In Queensland, family provision claims are dealt with in Part IV of the Succession Act 1981. The Succession Act clearly lays out who is able to contest a will within the state and the

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Contesting a will due to mental capacity

It is not uncommon for a beneficiary or family member to decide to contest a will because they believe the deceased did not hold the adequate testamentary capacity to create the document. You may believe that you or your child were unfairly excluded from a will (or not given your fair share of the deceased person’s estate) due to their

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Why dying without a will complicates your estate in Victoria

Creating a valid last will and testament is the standard way of making sure your property is distributed in the way of your choosing after your death. It’s important to ensure you complete this process, and that you follow all the appropriate procedures, because the alternative — dying without a will — can become a great source of confusion and

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Everything you need to know if you’re a beneficiary of a will

Writing a valid last will and testament is the primary way for a person to ensure their possessions are dispersed in accordance with their wishes after they die. If someone in your family has recently passed away, you may be named as a beneficiary in their will.  While dealing with the aftermath of a loss is a difficult and emotional

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