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A quick update on the Buttrose family estate dispute

The Buttrose family are no strangers to the news. As one of Sydney’s most high-profile families (due both to their socialite status and a scandal involving a drug-dealing nephew), it’s hard to keep things under wraps at all times.

Of late, the Buttrose family has been in the news due a feud over the estate of one Elizabeth Buttrose. Let’s get caught up on how this disagreement over her estate started before unravelling the most recent update to the situation.

A family divided

Back in January 2020, The Sydney Morning Herald gave a detailed report on the feud between Richard Buttrose and his two sisters, Lizzie and Katherine over their mother’s estate. Elizabeth Buttrose, the matriarch of the family and owner of an estate estimated to be worth between $6 million and $9 million had a stroke over a year ago, and currently requires daily care at a facility.

Enter her son, Richard Buttrose. Richard (the nephew of ABC chairwoman Ita Buttrose) is well known for serving nearly a decade of his 12-year sentence in prison for possession of cocaine, earning a reputation for being a drug dealer to the stars. Having been released from prison in 2017, he recently launched a claim over his mother’s home where he has been living.

The problem is, his sister Katherine is their mother’s power of attorney and both her and Lizzie are not happy with their brother’s claim. While the two sisters proposed to sell the estate and split the proceeds with their mother and among the siblings, Richard is attempting to block any potential sale or transfer of the property’s title.

What happened now?

While these legal proceedings have been ongoing, the Buttrose family once again made the news in June. Brisbane Times recently reported that Lizzie Buttrose has been claiming that her aunt, Ita Buttrose, used ABC lawyers in the aforementioned dispute. Lizzie took to Facebook and made phone calls outlining this claim, but they have been vehemently denied by her brother who threatened legal action (which also resulted in the social media post being taken down).

Ita Buttrose also responded to these claims, stating they were not true. This recent update in the case shows how volatile the situation still is surrounding Elizabeth’s estate. It will be interesting to see what the outcome of these legal proceedings will be in the coming months.

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